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A letter from Ryan Freeman


One of the most beautiful aspects about this short film series is that we’re capturing timeless insight while celebrating some of the world’s top creative minds in their respective fields. Creating these films; from spending time with each person and filming their journey and walk of life, to creating a soundtrack that accurately reflects their personalities and sharing valuable insight on their creative process with the world, has been a great honour for me. When Freeman House conceptualized this series, I did not expect it to have such a profound impact on my life. I say this only because I truly believe there is a message of inspiration and hope for everyone within each film.

Like many, we’re searching for our own story, our own page in history. Producing this series has been a journey of self discovery as a creative. While editing and scoring, I watch the film over and over. Each time I do, I take away something new. This series has given me another perspective in a time where it’s easy to be caught up in our own small worlds. It has also taught me that the creative mind is limitless. The individuals being featured come from different walks of life, but they all share the same thing - they have focused their creativity into successful careers. There is much to learn from their journeys in doing so, which is also one of the driving forces behind this series.

My wish for you as a viewer, is that you keep an open mind to what you may gain from each film. If we can view different walks of life from a multitude of lens', then we are one step closer to loving and respecting one another.

I hope these films inspire and motivate you to pursue your talents and to create something beautiful.

Ryan Freeman
Managing Partner & Creative Director
Freeman House Productions