Walk softly, but speak loudly with your art.
— Jakob de Boer

Jakob de Boer is a photographer, but first and foremost a storyteller. The best place to see his photographs, besides in print form, is on his award winning website. While still fairly new to photography, he is creating a notable legacy for himself around the globe with his unique way of storytelling through his images and his way of presenting through captivating silver gelatin prints from a negative. He is also a prototype tester for Leica and a beta tester for Adobe. One of the many great things about Jakob is his desire for authentic creativity. Through his vulnerability flows genuineness and truthfulness, which shows throughout his art and life. He is a true inspiration and artist in a time where most ‘artists’ try to be more like someone or something else, rather than themselves. Being true to who you are is the greatest currency an artist can have. Thus, Jakob is a rich man.